Replication slot does not exist

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PostgreSQL 10 came with the welcome addition of the logical replication feature. This provides a more flexible and easier means to replicate your tables than the regular streaming replication mechanism. However, it does have some limitations that may or may not prevent you from employing it for replication. Read on to learn more.

postgresql_slot – Add or remove slots from a PostgreSQL ... Physical replication slots were introduced to PostgreSQL with version 9.4, while logical replication slots were added beginning with version 10.0. The default authentication assumes that you are either logging in as or sudo’ing to the postgres account on the host. PostgreSQL 9.6 log shipping replication stuck on startup ... Verifying the replication slot with SELECT * FROM pg_replication_slots showed the slot had been created and WAL streaming was active. I was able to verify that the latest records on highly active tables on the Master are being successfully replicated on the Slave.

Postgres 9.5 server not starting due to already active replication slot. ... it does not start. Here is the ... for streaming replication. Use of a replication slot ...

PostgreSQL - hackers - Non-reserved replication slots and Yeah, well, I suppose that other mechanisms to use slots are less of a foot-gun -- by creating one their start_lsn is set to some reasonable value. With slot advancing, it seems easier to get into trouble. Of course, you can set the slot to a LSN that is valid now, and then not do anything with it, in which case you're also screwed. As I recall, this slot advancing business is new in pg11, and

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When trying to access a replication slot that is supposed to already exist, we don't need to check the naming rules again. If the slot does not exist, we will then get a "does not exist" error message, which is generally more useful from the perspective of an end user. PostgreSQL: src/backend/po/ru.po | Fossies does not match corresponding attribute of type " 655 "%s." 656msgid "" 1328 "cannot truncate up to MultiXact %u because it does not exist on disk, " 1329single-user mode.\n" 1663 "You might also need to commit or roll back old prepared transactions, or " 1664 "drop stale replication slots."

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The fact remains that either a human or some external piece of software must have dropped the replication slot, since PostgreSQL doesn't do that by itself. – Laurenz Albe Feb 8 at 6:40 I'm the only one with access to the primary server and I didn't drop the rep slot. postgresql - How to delete replication slot in postgres 9 Use pg_drop_replication_slot: select pg_drop_replication_slot('bottledwater'); See the docs and this blog. The replication slot must be inactive, i.e. no active connections. So if there's a streaming replica using the slot you must stop the streaming replica. Or you can change its recovery.conf so it doesn't use a slot anymore and restart it. replication slot "repmgr_slot_2" does not exist after